RV Campgrounds

    Our RV camping is the type most people looking for sites in RV campgrounds like to find,  the sites are large with plenty of room between RV's, and some are near open areas, the lake, or in the woods. We have seasonal RV campers that have been coming here more than 17 years, which says a lot for the type of people that stay here... Minnesota Friendly!
    Although Big Foot is primarily seasonal RV campers, we do appreciate and want our short stay guests. We may either convert some seasonal RV sites to short stay sites or possibly build additional shorts stay RV sites in the near future. The demand for our Minnesota RV campgrounds is not going away, and we would like to be able to offer camping to all who wish to visit our resort, and our Alexandria vacation area. Because of the lack of available shorts stay campgrounds in Minnesota, the demand for seasonal camping has been growing, which is why we have the mix that we presently do.


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We hope that your search for a RV campgrounds in Minnesota will end with us.